MOBIChem Scientific Engineering, LTD
MOBIChem's electroluminescent materials are ready to use pastes  to form  flat electroluminescent lamps by screen printing process

1. Electroluminescent pastes E80 series:
       EL pastes are used to form a light emmiting layer in electroluminescent  flat lamps.

     Types:                          E80-01HB  HIGH Brightness Blue-Green EL Paste
                                          E80-01SB  Standard Brightness Blue Green EL Paste
                                          E80-02S    Standard Brightness White EL Paste
     Typical Properties:       Solid content 70-75% (thermoplastic resin and 
                                         phosphor powder), 
                                         Colors: E80 - 01HB & 01S  -  light gray 
                                                     E80 - 02SB             -  pink

2. Dielectric pastes D80 Series:

        Dielectric pastes are used to form  insulation layers in electroluminescent flat lamps. 

     Type:                            D80-01 Dielectric Paste

     Typical properties:        Solid content  65-75 % (thermoplastic resin and 
                                          dielectric powder)
                                          Color: white

3. Clear conductive pastes AT80 series:

Clear conductive polymer paste is used to form the translucent  conductive layer of an electroluminescent lamp.

     Type :                           AT80-01 Clear Conductive Paste

     Typical properties:       Solid content 30-40% (thermoplastic resin and 
                                         Color: light gray




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