MOBIChem Scientific Engineering, LTD
Services and Products

MOBIChem provides following materials:

  • Production of binders and electroluminescent pastes for electroluminescent devices
  • Manufacturing of custom made electroluminescent pastes.
  • Manufacturing of custom made UV curable  compositions
  • Development and production of ultra high reflective coatings
  • Development and production of conductive and transparent compositions

MOBIChem also offers a wide variety of expertise to accelerate R&D projects for our partners and customers: 

  • UV stabilization of polyolefins and polycarbonates
  • Development of polymer composites with required properties:
    • antifogging
    • whitening
    • near-infrared filtering
    • anti blocking 
  • Development of UV cross linking of  polymer films and UV curable composites
  • Design customer tailored polymer blends (PVDF-PMMA, PC, Polyolefins etc.) 

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